NASA India National Association of Students of Architecture Sat, 07 Dec 2013 19:25:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Chiller Party ;) Sat, 07 Dec 2013 12:39:22 +0000 Divyasri Sunkara Hey you all!! as i mentioned in my previous blog, this blog is going to be all about the coordinators working for NASA.

Before I get started, let me give an introduction.

Our team is a mess. A beautiful, neat and tidy mess :p

There are some guys in an inactive and we do not exist mode.

One girl in,” oh-why-is-life-so-cruel-to-me” mode.

Another girl in,” I-am-your-mentor” mode.

Cultural coordinator,” dude-this-is-so-cool-mode”

Treasurer in, “I-look-innocent-but-I`m-not” mode

Fashion coordinator in,” I-love-nail-art-and-everything-about-being-a-girl” mode.

Convenor in,” I-am-a-prankster” mode.

Logistics coordinator in and always in, “Facebook”mode.

Usec in,” I-have-a-story-for-everything-you-tell” mode.

Marketing coordinator in,” You-pronounced-it-in-the-wrong-way” mode.

Myself in,” I-don’t know-what-I have-different-modes” mode.

Now the main descriptions..


About me: hellooo.. _/\_ I’m GangaTheReddy (Gangadhar Reddy :P ) NASA is all over me, but I’m not neglecting my studies.

Now the truth: he just came out of the staffroom few minutes before I asked him to tell a few lines about himself. Now, I’ll tell you all what happened in the staff room.
Ganga: ma’am, I submitted everything ma’am, you can’t give me such less marks.
Ma’am: show me your work.
Ganga: (holding a pile of assignments) here.
Ma’am turned a few pages and said, “this isn’t your writing Gangadhar”, he said, ya ma’am I made a junior do my work :P . then she turned to the next page and said, “this isn’t my subject either. “
Dedicated only to NASA, that’s our convenor :D

Zonal president

About me: hey I’m Palagani Rahul. I think many of them know me already :P

Now the truth: Wohoooo he is the zp of zone 5. Sexy photographer and a horrible dancer :D he knows so much about NASA. I feel NASA is in his BLOOD :P


About me: helloo I’m Srujna, the ex ud n present usec (chuckles) :D I love working for NASA. I can skip any number of classes just to work for NASA :P

Now the truth: she loves eating and sleeping. :P stays back after college and works a lot for NASA.


About me: hey I’m Saikrishna. I’m so naïve and reserved. I’m cool and composed “Money money money!!! But I can’t use any”

Now the truth: we all call him “PSYCHO”. He tends to be one sometimes. He has a great sense of humour though. He rarely cracks a joke, but when he does, it is a BOMB. . (Poor professors, what do they know about the mean psycho behind the nescient smile.) :P  


About me: hey I’m Shreya. It’s all new. I’m still learning what to do and what not to do.

Now the truth: she learnt almost everything in no time. New to the team but good at what she does.  

Trophies coordinator

About me: uum.. this is the first time that someone is asking me, about myself. hey I,m rohith and I have a friend named mohith. (I know I know, its lame)

Now the truth: he is this ANGRY YOUNG MAN type, so let me make things clean and simple :P he is both aggressive and calm ( yeah wierd, but he is like that) if I have to talk about his works, only one word, COLORFUL. Yeah, basically he is good. That’s it. I’m done describing him. :P

Registration coordinator

About me: hey I’m Tejasvi. I love hanging out with friends and yeah I’m a little short tempered, so better not mess up with me during registrations :P

Now the truth: HYPER! I bet there is no other word to describe her better. Teachers pet I say :P attendance: 90% se kam nai hua aaj tak :D so, people.. here we present you, our topper tejasvi (without chashme :P )

Infrastructure coordinator

About me: hey I’m Sumanth. The nerd :P ( the spectacles say so)

Now the truth: in the first few weeks, when we were allotted works, I wondered, why on earth was this guy given the post of infrastructure coordinator!! He is too lean to handle the stage on which the ramp walks, dances and fights (hopefully not) :P are going to happen.  Then I realized, he is the MONKEY MAN!! Yeah, he climbs all sorts of trees, poles buildings… everything. Maybe the person who gave him this post, must have had deep thoughts, about the light failure, on top of the stage truss, and no technician available on the spot, then there come our SUPER SUMI to save the stage and change the flickering bulb :P

Marketing coordinator

About me: Prashanth here and I gotta a funny poem to tell.
“prash prash prash
hey did u just blush
my favorite bathing brand is lush
okay now let me just stay HUSH :P

Now the truth: ooh la la ooh lala.. yeah yeah. He is the bappi da of our college! Such a fantastic singer. After joining the marketing team, he once said, “I know the TATAs and the BIRLAs, they can sponsor us with crores. But neither of them know me. So, let me go to the cement companies and paint companies and try my luck.” He is witty. (hope it helps us with the sponsors) oh yeah.. he is the most irregular student. Let me tell you, he never missed a NASA meeting till date.

Cultural coordinator

About me: hellooo… I’m Hrishikeesh Reddy, and I’m always ready for everything in this crazy life to do or die. Okay random stuff. I love Eminem :P

Now the truth: never seen someone with such good dances moves. he is a rapper and anime sketching artist. also he is very good at Photoshop. All I need to tell about him is, he is PUUUUURFECT :D

Technical coordinator

About me: hey I’m Rithikesh Gorak, u know like Obama Barak, I’m Rithikesh Gorak :P

Now the truth: he defines for phata poster, nikhla hero. But, he aspires to become a Bollywood villain someday :D he is a lazzzzzzzzzzzzyyy and funny person. Loves chicken. Feed him chicken everyday and  he would agree to murder someone for you. (maybe a hen :P ) he is a cool guy to hang out with. (not an appy fizz though :D )

Accommodation coordinator

About me: hey I’m Manish. Okay bye I’m busy now.

Now the truth: there are always people helping him around with accommodation yet, he is a busy man :P skipped almost all the classes and roamed all of Hyderabad in the name of accommodation :D oh I forgot to mention! his laugh is funnier than his joke :P

Hospitality coordinator

About me: I’m shivani, at your service :P I would never bunk classes, if it was not for NASA.

Now the truth: she loves hanging out with her cousins, bunking college :P not only does she help with hospitality but also with events, registrations, accommodation, what not, you name it and she is in it.

Logistics coordinator

About me: I’m Sai Ragh Reddy. A safe driver, maybe that’s why I’m now the logistics head :P

Now the truth: a RASH driver. But yeah safe as well. He changed the name of his team from transportation to logistics just to make it sound posh :D

Security coordinator

About me: hey I,m samb veer. i’m diehard fan of salman khan :P hehehe

Now the truth: he actually built up his body to look a little like him :P and this post would best suit him. You’ll know why when you are at the convention center :P

Food coordinator

About me: hai I,m Rohith P. I,m now on a diet, see food diet. I see food and I eat it.

Now the truth: that’s the truth. He is on a strict diet :D

Results coordinator

About me: hello. I’m mayukha. Results coordinator. Okay bye.

Now the truth: “Reserved and Smart” that’s what the world thinks about her. “Naughty and Talkative”, that’s how I would describe her. Oh yeah, she is the RULES girl. Follow the traffic rules, throw the trash in the bin (Or in her bag) :P A crazy Roger Federer fan.

Graphic Media coordinator

About me: (he threw a serious look at me)

Now the truth: hello he is Rahman. You wouldn’t know much about him, because he is secretive :P but one thing is, there is no such software which he doesn’t know. A-Z about any software, he would at least know the abc’s of it.

Events coordinators

Manisha, vishaka, harshitha, prashanthi

About we: we are the girl power of VSAP :P

Now the truth: they indeed are. Also they are the studious lot and turned all of us awe when they told us the list of naughty and funny events they planned. Every coin has two sides ;)

Miscellaneous coordinator

About me (I, me, myself) :P : helloooooo… I’m Divyasri, the whole and soul of the 56th ANC :D

Now the truth: I’m nothing but MISC :P

NASA coordinators (faculty) : Mrs. Neelima , Mr.Kautilya and Mr.Chetan.

They are the bread to our butter, and cheese of our smiles :) they help through everything and are as cool as an ice cream. :)

many people, many faces, many stories. but, the same spirit. NASA MANIACS :)

- Divyasri Sunkara

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Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani :P Sat, 26 Oct 2013 17:28:40 +0000 Divyasri Sunkara  

I have this weird habit of thinking. Thinking about this thing, that thing, anything and everything. There is just no end to it. I was talking to my co passenger on my way back from Mysore, after attending the zone5 NASA. He was an old guy who was telling about the places he has been to and the people he met. Then I wondered how varied my country is and how diverse the people are. (Some random thinking, bleh!) I realized, even I have seen extreme diversity just a couple of hours back on the railway platform I was standing on.

“Tea, chai, kapiii, coffee”, shouted the tea vendor on the platform at the railway station. As I was about to get my cup of tea, an uncle stood beside me bargaining for the two extra rupees he was getting charged for a cup of coffee. Right beside him was a young girl covered in hijab and was checking her phone. I moved a little further to sit and relish my cup. I saw a Punjabi couple feeding their two kids parathas and buttermilk and then there were a group of college students chatting in their native language which I couldn’t really understand. Then came the train, and we moved into different compartments.

That’s my country, India. RICH, DIVERSE AND VARIED.

Zonal NASA wasn’t getting out of my head, and now my thoughts jumped from India to NASA. NASA is all about those people. People coming from different parts of the country and also from different parts of the world.

Sitting in the convention centre or walking around I notice many things, I keep seeing students with a note of happiness and excitement when they walk around.


These are the kind of people you will find at the conventions.

There is this guy who knows everybody. And talks to everyone- The socialite. (I am one of them :P ) Also a guy who is always around girls. (Maybe I should say there are a few many of them :P ) Whenever you meet him there he is, with another chick :D . (Nobody knows how he does it). Oh yeah! The couples… going all hushy mushy. Also, I see couples fighting over a cup of coffee sitting in a corner. Hey hey, there are many things more I try not to stare at, but end up staring directly at them and finally make them uncomfortable with my stares.

There are people fighting over the last piece of chicken on the plate, girls discussing about the dress they should have brought instead of what they have brought. Let’s not miss out the nerds, the ones who attend every single lecture, seminar, and workshop and who are aware about everything in the class, but will hesitate the moment you ask them for help. (Yes, they DO exist). Then the groups… There is always one group that’s always together. This bunch of people will upload 100′s of pictures on Facebook. Everywhere they go they have to be together. :D   Then there is this guy who hates everything. He complains about almost anything and everything, the college, the students, the faculty, the travel, events, food, the watch man, the rich guy, the list never ends and is utterly ridiculous. There goes the guy/girl who hogs, but never gains an inch of fat. (Most women hate such people :D ) The spendthrift, well there is nothing much to say about this person, except the fact that they live life in a way like its ending tomorrow. Always spending money on stuff never to be used, food, clothes, earphones etc etc etc etc.. (Hellooo!!! all the stalls at the conventions are especially put up, keeping people like you in mind. :P ) and of course The good guy/girl whom everybody loves and who is always single. (Mostly because they are usually friend zoned) :D last but not the least, the Hunk or the hot chick of the college. Everyone gapes as they enter and do the same when they leave. Most of the time they are surrounded by people. They are NEVER single. It’s some weird magic or jinx I suppose. :P

Coming to the poor hosts, even when they are shouted at for dumb things, they have to take all the venom from people without being rude to them, all they can do is oblige and smile. Even if you see someone nice, you can’t approach them either because you don’t have time to groom or you are too busy to go and have a word. So you look at them, smile, and pity yourself for not being able to take a step further. :P

Ah!! There are these people who come just to see what NASA is, they beg the USECs UDs and the HODs and almost everyone possible. These people enjoy NASA and don’t take things seriously.

Oh yeah! The ‘delicate darlings’, “oh my god, there is water on the floor. Arghh the food is too oily”. It’s difficult to handle this slot.

There is that one group of people who have worked for months and cried out buckets of tears because they couldn’t win the citation but just a special mention, for which people die for. On the contrary, there will be those people who will appreciate every small thing, be it a casual or a trophy, SCREW IT! Be it anything, they celebrate it all the way back home.

Work work work! No time to sleep, no time to eat. You see the zombies of NASA every nook and corner.


People who go overboard with tension. Pin up tension, trophy tension, events tension, fashion show tension, backstage tension. Tension here tension there tension everywhere. (Hey you, just take a chill pill dude! :P )

The Executive Council, Zonal Council and the General Council, they deal with everything we possibly know and don’t know. Sleepless nights, registrations, the endless meetings. Day is the night and night is the day to them.

It makes me so happy and I smile to myself looking at such merry things happening around.

NASA isn’t just a place for sheets, seminars, workshops, presentations and cultural events, it’s something more, it connects me to the world, the people, their attitudes, behaviours. I often think of capturing such moments on a handy cam and making a small movie. I crush the fanatical thought and come back to reality realizing that only I would watch the movie over and over. (Only I know how bad I’m at photography :D )

Even we have very interesting people who are working day in and out for NASA and I’ll be dedicating the next blog to them. :) So, the next blog is all about the NASA COORDINATORS.

-Divyasri Sunkara

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Mommy! This is NASA. Mon, 14 Oct 2013 16:34:36 +0000 Divyasri Sunkara The other day my mom asked me, “Why do you keep saying NASA work, NASA work all the time. Why do you make it seem like NASA is really making you work a lot? Isn’t it all about fun and cultural nights?”  I was shocked at the misconception people have on NASA. I had to sit and explain her all about NASA. I had to enlighten that it isn’t any other college fest.

In the previous blog I’ve told you what NASA is. Now let me tell u what NASA “actually” is.

NASA was established mainly to provide students, a platform for interaction which brings together the creative minds and work for society and to provide design solutions. NASA is more than just another college fest. In a calendar year 6 conventions are held in different zones in India. The National convention is held once an year and has prime importance for the Architectural Community, with around 4500 delegates participating in various events held for four days. The main components of the National convention are competitions, trophies, debates, panel discussions, conferences, quizzes, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, paper presentations etc.


I told my mom, “You will be amazed at how 18 to 21 year olds work so hard day & night for months and pull off such a huge event of an ever increasing magnitude.” In four years of my college life, I have been part of NASA for three & now the fourth! Guess what? We will be hosting it! (I raised my collar :P ) Of all these years, one thing that’s constant in NASA which makes me happy, is the passion we students share for this. Every single person involved in this gives their best purely with an intention of putting on a great show. With a foot fall of 4500+ students every year, there is no doubt how brilliant this is.

In college, we promote Google. Yeah, we definitely do. How else do we get INSPIRED, without seeing those Google images? All our assignments, homework’s, classwork’s & what not everything is ALMOST from Google. :P I hate to copy paste stuff even though I am “awesome” at it. The topics we currently get hardly leave any room for originality, I mean research is another thing, but I know students who just lift paragraphs from articles. It’s just stupid and a waste of time. Why can’t we get something which requires our opinions, our views, and our own innovations?

At NASA we have ORIGINAL WORKS. Those projects on which we will be working all round the year, will be panelled, judged and praised. The moment you hear someone talking about your work, all the pain and effort that goes in seems worth it.


Oh yeah, the ‘fashion shows’ and the amazing ‘dance shows’. Seriously, we are professional at these things as well. The glam, the costumes, the style, what not, everything on par with the fashionistas. The dance, the choreography and the concept, I bet it’ll be no less than any dance reality show. All those moments when we get a great fan support from the student’s right in front of the stage singing, dancing, head banging, cheering & the “once mores” on our performances. Though we screw up a few times, we do receive congratulatory messages post shows, which make us high. At that point we are celebrities, life is all about being liked and admired by the people around us. ;)

I totally forgot to mention the bands and the DJ nights. Yeah mom, you are right, NASA is about them as well. All year round we work for the prestigious trophies and we love to enjoy those 4 days with a little masthi. Don’t we deserve it?

Do you think only the Prime ministers and the Governments make peace bonds with nations? Even we do. It’s been three years our Pakistani friends have been visiting us and bonding with us. What more do we need to achieve? :)

Too much to learn and too many to bond with, that’s what NASA is about.

And with that, I proudly end my voice to see a look of awe on my mother’s face. It’s the same look we have when we attend this convention and it’s the same look everyone should have when they hear about NASA!

The best is yet to come.

You meet people, different, very different, normal, lovable and weird. Let me tell you about the types of people you will find at all the NASA conventions.

Keep following to get to know the list ;)

- Divyasri Sunkara

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Yeh NASA kya hai ji? Sat, 12 Oct 2013 07:03:38 +0000 NASA India We have been hearing a lot about NASA, India lately. What exactly is NASA, India?

The National Association of Students of Architecture, commonly referred to as NASA, India is one of the largest communities of architectural students in Asia. There are over 200 colleges under this organization. NASA, India provides an interactive platform for students all over the country by holding conventions both at national and zonal levels. Colleges all over India compete for the prestigious trophies which cover various aspects of architecture. The conventions also witness participation from various colleges in countries under SAARC. Architects across the SAARC nations have an opportunity to interact with each other and come up with productive solutions.


This year, the 56th Annual NASA Convention is going to be held at Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning, Hyderabad. The first time we heard that we won the bid for the 56th annual NASA Convention, all of us went BLANK. Yes, blank, out of utter shock and utter excitement. Then we screamed with joy, “VSAP is hosting the 56th Annual NASA Convention!”

To keep you all updated about the progress of the convention, we decided to launch this blog. So here goes.

A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks. Here are some highlights:

After a seemingly endless stream of meetings, we can now say that we have made acquaintance with all the people in college with whom we will be working. There are different departments categorized, and volunteers have been chosen. A core committee has been formed and is working day in and day out.

They said, let the work begin. Many of us giggled – “lets bunk the classes in the name of NASA convention and get free attendance. Hehehe (Evil grin)”. College always manages to smash our fragile fun loving thoughts, and so it did. Out came the notice:


Why? Why me? Why us? We had lots of questions in our minds.

Why did I buy into the hype? Did I really sign up for hours of unpaid labour? What was I thinking? With submissions, presentations, designs and NASA works, everything going simultaneously, how am I supposed to cope with all this? What was I thinking, volunteering for NASA!?!

You can’t do it. You really can’t. You’re just going DOWN. You will spend a lot of money on chai and biryani. Professors are going to ask you why you haven’t been attending classes. You will have to buy and apply copious amounts of under-eye night cream. Your grades will fall and your parents’ BP will rise. But it’s too late, the volunteer lists are out! You’re stuck. Muahahaha.

Right, wrong, maybe not. Let me give you some advice – TIME MANAGEMENT! Yeah, do that. Go to the classes, listen to the lectures, allocate specific days for college works, do your home works at home, visit the library during the break and attend the NASA meetings.

 You’ll really enjoy it. We hope. No, really, working for NASA isn’t bad. And when it’s over, you will get the post-NASA blues. Every day, after 3 pm, you will walk to your empty meeting room and stand there for a while,

OK. Jokes apart, why bother being either in the organizing committee or in the volunteering team and taking up the entire headache when it is much easier to have fun from outside? Yeah. It’s fun to be an onlooker, leaving the responsible stuff to the rest. But it’s more scintillating to be in the team as it enhances skills like leadership qualities, team-work, patience, confidence and sense of judgement which are quoted at the top of any organization or to become an entrepreneur or be an independent person. Apart from all these skills, at the end of the day, you can proudly raise your collars and say, “WE HOSTED NASA”.

All these not only teach you to work in groups and with people you would love to work with or people who have contradicting interests than yours but also in intense situations. Many a time’s things wouldn’t go the way you want them to. This may lead to conflicts too, but one has to be really calm and composed. Don’t worry, you can learn all these things as you walk along.

So don’t fight it. Let NASA mania take over you.

Keep following for more updates :)
- Divyasri Sunkara
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